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August 31, 2018
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Why StartHuman

Six Reason I Joined StartHuman


My wide range of business, non-profit, and startup experiences have taught me invaluable lessons about leadership and organization culture. I’m excited to share my experiences to help StartHuman fulfill its purpose to re-humanize the workplace (and beyond).   As a leader I’ve experienced numerous challenges changing culture in established organizations and building culture in a startup. Having grown all too familiar with burnout during various stages in my career, I connect personally with the vision of coming home from work feeling energized for our lives. I’m passionate about building a culture where humans bring their whole authentic selves to the workplace and creativity, innovation, and productivity flourish.


My career path has been anything but linear, but it has definitely been an adventure!  There may not be a traditional path to becoming an entrepreneur and leadership consultant, but starting out as a ski and snowboard instructor and raft guide definitely isn’t it. It certainly was not what my parents hoped I would do with my Stanford education, but I was happily pursuing my dream. Read more about what I learned living the mountain lifestyle in this blog post- Leadership Lessons on the Trail.


Working with a coach during my past two career transitions has been immensely helpful in getting clarity. I’m excited to pay it forward and help leaders make bold choices to follow their dreams.  After getting a master’s in public health I worked for an NGO in Guatemala and in health care before applying my degree to the outdoor industry as the Executive Director at Girls on the Run.  When it was time to transition my coach helped me see how my skill set as the leader of a growing nonprofit transferred to starting a women owned ski manufacturing company. I jokingly refer to Coalition Snow as my experiential MBA with a steep learning curve across functional roles as CFO and COO.  During my transition from daily operations to a governance position on the board of directors, I partnered with a coach to get clarity in my values and purpose. Working with a coach was invaluable in helping determine my next steps during this most recent career transition to leadership development.


I love strategy- I totally geek out on it. Once you know where you’re going, and commit to starting, your next steps will begin to unfold.  I’ve experienced this on the trail mountain biking a line that was seemingly impassable before. Getting into the flow I’m constantly amazed at how many obstacles I can overcome. What I love most about strategic planning is the moment of clarity when a team has alignment on a shared vision so they can move forward together as a team. I’m excited to partner with small and growing organizations to get clarity in their vision and determine next steps to reach their organization’s goals.  


I’m passionate about working with female leaders and entrepreneurs and jumped at the opportunity to partner with a visionary and collaborative leader who is caring, compassionate, and authentic. At Girls on the Run we partnered with StartHuman because the collaborative approach aligned with our core values of connection and collaboration. I appreciated Amber’s positive energy, curiosity, and playful approach to the planning process. Her active listening, intuition and expert facilitation skills helped keep the team engaged and excited in our strategic planning retreats.  I was further impressed by Amber’s leadership spearheading the conscious leadership movement in Nevada.


StartHuman has a radically different approach to leadership development that empowers leaders to take their organization to the next level.  We draw on our experience as business leaders to partner with leaders in reaching their organizational goals. Traditional consulting firms approach organizational development from an expert mindset where the consultants have the power over the clients to solve their problems.  StartHuman embraces a growth mindset and the idea that learning is rad. At StartHuman we apply the co-active coaching model where the power comes from the relationship between equals who collaborate for the benefit of the coachee, and not from the coach.


Whether you want to grow your business, improve your organizational culture, or become a better leader, through our shared values and distinct experiences we can help you and your team develop to maximize the performance of your organization.


Danielle Rees
Danielle Rees
Danielle is passionate about inspiring women leaders and entrepreneurs. She co-founded Coalition Snow, the only ski and snowboard company by women, for women. She honed her experience in organizational development and leadership development at Girls on the Run, Planned Parenthood, and Adventure Risk Challenge.