A solutions focused partnership aimed at improving leadership effectiveness.

Leadership Consulting

Our Leadership Consulting Expertise

Our leadership consulting supports new and growing executive teams through rapid growth and change. We help executive teams:

  • Establish norms and working agreements
  • Create communications protocols for sharing information
  • Improve meeting effectiveness
  • Breakdown silos
  • Balance operational and strategic priorities

We help leaders activate purpose, values and vision in service of:

  • Creating motivating environments for employees
  • Decreasing burnout and turnover
  • Sustaining high levels of performance
  • Attracting and hiring the right people

Using existing employee survey data or our Employee Experience Audit, we help leaders improve the employee experience. Clients use our leadership consulting services when:

  • Launching employee surveys
  • Processing survey results
  • Action planning after an employee survey
  • Conducting employee focus groups
  • Choosing an employee survey or methodology

We work with internal consultants and executives to design, implement and measure leadership development initiatives, including:

  • Gathering internal and external data
  • Designing formal and informal learning and development solutions
  • Conducting needs assessments
  • Evaluating current programming
  • Coaching and training for internal consultants

We help leaders in identifying and communicating performance expectations for employees, including:

  • Using position accountabilities for employees
  • Implementing behaviorally based interview questions
  • Identifying practices for measuring and evaluating performance
  • Having goal setting, feedback and accountability conversations

Our leadership consulting helps leaders:


  • Lessen drama, dysfunction and toxic dynamics
  • Break down silos to improve relationships and collaboration
  • Develop systems for effective workplace communication
  • Navigate rapid growth
  • Improve adaptability and flexibility
  • Provide effective support and direction for employees
  • Balance strategy and operations

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