A guided process to improve group outcomes, collaboration and productivity.

Our facilitation services help leaders:

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Increase accountability and ownership
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Stimulate creativity and minimize group think
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Improve participation and contribution
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Remain focused and on task
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Work through sensitive or emotionally charged topics
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Improve efficiency and effectiveness

We improve effectiveness, collaboration, outcomes and follow through. 


  • Annual and quarterly planning sessions
  • Executive team and leadership meetings
  • Leadership and board retreats
  • Ad-hoc projects and initiatives
  • Staff and team meetings
  • Pre and post employee surveys


  • Executive Teams
  • Mid-level Leadership Teams
  • Non Profit Boards
  • Internal Consultants
  • Teams


  • Purpose, vision and values discovery
  • Strategic thinking and execution planning
  • Processing 360-degree feedback
  • Processing employee survey feedback
  • Conflict resolution and interventions
  • Change management and leadership

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