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How conscious leadership benefits you and your bottom line.

Want to be happier at work AND increase productivity and sales? (Who doesn’t?)  


Top 3 reasons conscious leadership is good for you and your bottom line. If you choose to lead from above the line you will


  1. Be more engaged and create cultures with higher levels of employee engagement. There is a ton of research on employee engagement and its positive impact on the bottom line.  
  2. Be happier and experience sustainable happiness.  Happiness in the workplace increases productivity by 31% and sales by 37%.  
  3. Foster cultures where collaboration, innovation and creative problem-solving thrive.  No matter what product or service your organization provides, creativity and innovation are necessary to stay competitive and retain talent.


Having experienced burnout at almost every step on my career path, I’m grateful for the tools to lead from my calm, clear center when navigating conflict. I’m excited to share the conscious leadership model with you.


What is conscious leadership?  Imagine a black horizontal line across the screen.  At any point, a leader is either above the line or below the line.  When leaders are open, curious, and committed to learning they are above the line and leading consciously. When leaders are below the line, they are closed, defensive and committed to being right.


Leaders who are reactive and tend to view the world as happening to me are leading from below the line.  In “to me” leadership, leaders are constantly looking for externally factors or causes to blame. Leaders who choose curiosity and learning over a victim mindset are leading from above the line.  Instead of asking “Why is this happening to me?” leaders who choose to lead from above the line ask “What can I learn from this?”


The point is not that good leaders are always above the line.  As humans we get triggered and go below the line.  Reflecting on my various leadership roles in nonprofits and startups over the past 20 years, I can think of numerous instances where I was defensive and committed to being right.


The key is to develop the self awareness to recognize when you’re below the line, and to have the tools and the willingness to shift.   Choosing responsibility, letting go of blame, and opening up to curiosity are necessary to shift from below the line to above the line. Over the next series of blog posts I will delve into  The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership starting with responsibility and curiosity which lay the foundation for shifting from “to me” to “by me” leadership.

Want to learn more about conscious leadership?   If you’re in Reno, join us for our next Conscious Coffee Chat the first Friday of the month. Ready to go deeper? Sign up for our conscious leadership program in 2019. The year-long program includes reading assignments and educational sessions building on each of the commitments, plus individual coaching and a mastermind group for peer accountability and support in meeting your leadership goals.

Danielle Rees
Danielle Rees
Danielle is passionate about inspiring women leaders and entrepreneurs. She co-founded Coalition Snow, the only ski and snowboard company by women, for women. She honed her experience in organizational development and leadership development at Girls on the Run, Planned Parenthood, and Adventure Risk Challenge.