Our Purpose and Values

Find out what drives us and what we stand for.

A Word about Higher Purpose and Values

They are the heart and soul of an organization. And a driver of quality motivation, high performance and sustainability. We support the Conscious Capitalism movement (which includes being purpose and values driven.)

Purpose: In the same way that humans need oxygen to survive, organizations need revenue to operate. But breathing is not the purpose of life, nor is profit the purpose of organizations.

Values: We aren’t referring to operating practices or strategies, but rather deeply held ways of being that guide everything within an organization. They act like a compass for practicing authenticity.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is re-humanzing the workplace (and beyond.) We believe the impact of effective leadership ripples into relationships, families and communities. And then back into organizations. It’s our contribution towards making the world a better place.

Celebrate Humanity 

We are all in this together. It’s a part of our daily practice to acknowledge struggle and successes, respect differences and treasure what we have in common. In work and in life we honor the beauty, the complexity, and the journey of being human.

Not Knowing Is Rad

We love exploring the unknown. We’re big believers in lifelong learning. We know a lot and there’s a lot we don’t know yet. We’re not shy about saying “we don’t know” and if it’s a worthwhile endeavor we’ll be the first to say, “we’ll find out!”

Dare Greatly

Choose courage over comfort more often than not. Being ourselves is scary and sometimes uncool, but we believe wholeheartedly that showing up and letting our true selves be seen and known is the source of true engagement. We champion getting messy and being real.

Practice Radical Honesty (with Kindness)

Taking a page from Sheryl Sandberg – the only way to cut through BS and get to real results is through radical honesty. No sugar coating. However, no act of honesty should be used to purposefully inflict pain. We check our intentions and operate from a place of respect and love.

Creativity Rocks

We’re innovators, designers and “what-if”ers. Thinking big is a way of life for us. Challenging status quo lights us up and helps us push the boundaries of what’s possible to help our clients. We take risks and big leaps – always grounded in well-researched practices, our values and owning our impact.

Energize Community

It just takes one person to cause a ripple, but a community of people can change the world. Our community is more than just the people of StartHuman. It’s our clients, our strategic partners, our peers and all of the people in the world who are making contributions to improve the human experience at work (and beyond). Connecting people and creating space for community is how we create a new norm.

Choose Synergy

Partnering is in our blood. Working together to create something big, impactful and sustainable is fun and meaningful for us. Using collective strengths to affect change and achieve awesomeness is where the magic happens. When it comes to synergy, we’re intentional with our yeses and heavy-handed with our no’s.